Day of Ayurvedic Wellness – 6 hours

The ultimate Ayurvedic experience in relaxation and rejuvenation. Treat yourself to a delightful day of pampering with personalized therapies that will ease away anxieties and fatigue, eliminate impurities and restore natural balance for total mind and body healing. Your robe and slippers will be warm and waiting for you. You will enjoy a dosha balancing cup of Ayurvedic tea as you soak your tired feet in a warm herbal bath. Then climb into a warmed bed and experience a total body exfoliation with a blend of dosha specific herbs and salts. These salts will open your pores and prepare your skin for optimal penetration of organic aromatic oils blended for your dosha. A body mask will be applied from head to toe and you will be cocooned in a warm blanket. As you are cocooned, our Ayurvedic facial will leave your skin glowing. When your hot towel therapy is completed you will enjoy a healthy mid-day snack and a warm cup of tea. We will then resume your Ayurvedic treatments with a 90 minute Abhyanga massage. As warmed herbal oils are massaged into your skin to enhance its suppleness your body will be relaxed, your nervous system nourished and your joints mobilized. Your therapist will treat you to a scalp and ear massage and Marma point therapy to prepare your mind and body for one of the Dhara Therapies. A brief rest and a warm shower will complete your treatment.