Find silhouette, strength and less cellulite

This program is based on thousand years old wisdom for new generation. It is ultimate solution for those who are overweight, have cellulite, feel sluggish & dull and have tried other weight loss programs without success. Instead of putting you on harsh exercises and dieting, this customized program focus on the causative factors of your weight gain, like sluggish metabolism and blocked body channels.

Ayurvédqiue Gestions Du Poids


The root cause of obesity and cellulite:
Sluggish digestion and accumulated toxins
Stress and psychological factors hormonal imbalance
Diet & Lifestyle factors
Hereditary factors

Ritual sublime, a customized approach for weight management:
Personalized evaluation of balance and imbalance
Diet and lifestyle consultation
Personal coaching on ayurvedic nutrition
Yoga and breathing exercises
Ayurvedic rituals with herbal powders
Recommendation of herbal supplements

Health benefits of the program includes:
Weight loss
Reduces toxins
Releases stress and its effects
Increases the circulation of blood and lymph
Boosts the immune system
Improves and balances the digestive system
Eases anxiety and depression
Balances hormones
Increases energy, stamina and wellbeing
Duration 14-21 days