Abhyanga Oil Massage

The Abhyanga is a full body friction massage. The Ayurvedic herbal body oil is customized to your dosha and will penetrate deep into the tissues to loosen accumulated toxins. This deeply relaxing treatment will also mobilize joints, enhance tissue suppleness, nourish your nervous system and alleviate stress.

Pinda Swedana

This is a nourishing as well as a deep cleansing massage and sweating. Special herbs boiled in oils and herbs is tied into cotton cloth balls which are used for a relaxing massage

Marma Therapy

Marmas are life-force energy points located on our body. A special massage with gentle circular motions and essential herbal oils is powerful in energy balancing and healing of muscles, joints and organs.

Udvartana Massage

Dosha specific herbal paste is used for a deeply penetrating lymphatic massage. All sides of your body will be scrubbed with the paste. This relaxing treatment will exfoliate and condition your skin. The deep cleansing action expels the lymphatic toxins out of the body. You may follow this treatment with a nourishing Shiro-Dhara or an energizing Swedana.


Kansu is an Indian-style reflexology massage of the soles of the feet. This massage is for insomnia, and people who are angry and anxious by nature. Reflex points on the feet representing the 5 elements are massaged, thereby removing the fire that burns excess vitality. It also improves eye health.