AyurVastu is an ancient science of design that connects individual intelligence to cosmic intelligence and to promote health, family harmony, peace and abundance. According to ayurvastu, home has a particular equilibrium between the elements and the zones, which influences directly the wellbeing of its occupants. When this equilibrium is disturbed, we are unable to achieve our desires and aims. Ayurvastu helps to regain equilibrium with few changes and displacements to achieve desired goals.

When you buy Ayur-Vastu, you receive solutions in three phases: 

Consultation: You get a chance to discuss in-depth the problems and challenges that you are currently facing. You also get a chance to discuss your aspirations and solutions you are looking for!

Analysis: After the consultation, an in depth analysis is fond of your home. The energy levels of your home are studied. The vastu-compatibility of your home is studied and an examination of your problems in context of your problems is done.

Remedies: After the in-depth study of your floor plan, remedies that can help you emerge successfully out of your current challenges are suggested.

These three steps help you manifest your dream life and bring you closer to better and healthier today and tomorrow.