Kansu is an Indian-style reflexology massage of the soles of the feet. This massage is for insomnia, and people who are angry and anxious by nature. Reflex points on the feet representing the 5 elements are massaged, thereby removing the fire that burns excess vitality. It also improves eye health.

Pad Abhyanga Foot Massage

A beautiful foot treatment that incorporates the ancient art of Ayurveda and foot reflexology to deeply relax and revitalize the body. An authentic Indian foot bath will warm your feet to prepare them for the Ayurvedic foot bowl massage. The tiny foot bowl is made of 3 healing metals which are designed to bring balance to your body. Warmed dosha specific, Ayurvedic oils are applied to your feet and the bowl is used to massage, in a small circular, rhythmic pattern. A healing Indian Clay Mask is then applied on your feet, they are wrapped in warm towels to soften the tissue and draw lingering toxins.

Charan-Foot Bath

Unwind with hot tea and an herbal foot soak. Your feet will be exfoliated with a warm natural salt scrub. An Ayurvedic moisturizer will help to soften even the toughest skin. Sit back and enjoy the gentle foot massage which will help to relieve the stress of the day and aid circulation.

Traitement Ayurvédique De Pieds